Some new stones: part 1

This month (and yes, it is only the 8th, don’t you just love the holidays) I received five new stones. There are a couple more coming from my friend Otto, who runs the @toishigram Instagram profile and wrote a review on a Narutaki Asagi on this blog. I can’t resist but give a little teaser below:

Since I have quite a few new stones incoming, I thought I’d give a quick tour of the new pieces, and do it in two parts. The first stone, and coincidentally also the biggest, came from JNS¬†and was bought during the sale. It is a huge (230x115x30) Hideriyama suita, level 2.5. This hardness level should make it a muddy finisher, and a quick test indicated that it is indeed muddy and perfect!

Two of the other stones I already got are from a good friend, Carlos. You may know him from his 1k grit stone review on this blog, or from his amazing Instagram account. The stones (for now) are a truly stunning Asagi and Uchigumori. I have added some pictures below (and in the header), courtesy of Carlos.

Finally, I picked up a huge koppa in Sapporo. The stone is well over 2kg. My first impressions are that it is a hard stone, but with some slurry it is capable of a very decent polish. It has a beautiful look of renge and some yellow. The mine is unknown to me (and the shop owner), but given the size, price, performance and looks, that doesn’t matter to me!

Unknown renge suita

Stay tuned for more in a couple weeks!

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