Sakai Takayuki visit

The last few weeks, I went on holiday to Japan and Hong Kong. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Sakai Takayuki, one of the major players in the knife industry.

This visit was arranged by James from Knives and Stones, who happened to be in Japan at the same time. I have been buying knives from James for a while now, and I am still amazed at the range of knives (and excellent service!) he offers. If you haven’t had the pleasure of buying a knife from him, I fully recommend to do so (not getting paid to say this)!

I will not beat around the bush for much longer, and let the pictures do the talking, but this was an amazing experience. I am ever grateful to James and Sakai Takayuki for allowing me to visit and their hospitality.

The last thing I want to note is that it was very insightful to see the amount of skill, dedication and effort Sakai Takayuki put into making their knives. As a collector I think we sometimes forget this, and it has really brought me a great admiration for the knives Sakai Takayuki produce (so much so, that I already ordered another one from James!). Beautiful pictures are courtesy of James.

Sasaki-san, traning under Itsuo Doi-san

Sasaki-san layering up steel and iron to make a traditional single bevel knife
The forge; this was nice and toasty
Yamatsuka-san showing us how it’s done (sharpening a single bevel knife that is)
Yamatsuka-san sharpening/shaping a knife

There are some more pictures and videos on my phone which I will share later!

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