New arrivals: single bevel heaven

The last weeks I have received quite a few single bevel knives (and more on the way!). I don’t know what it is with single bevels, but for me they feel a bit more authentic and are (more?) fun to sharpen and polish. These knives will be featured in more detail later, but I would like to share in the fun of getting new knives already.

Fudo Kuniyuki Kiritsuke

As some of you may know, knives by Genkai Masakuni are one of the focus points of my collection. The first and second knife I received are both forged by him. The first one is a Fudo Kuniyuki kiritsuke (please also see here for more Fudo goodness). As they are no longer being made, it is a knife that has spent some time in storage.

Genkai Masakuni Yanagiba

The second Genkai is a 300mm wavy hamon yanagiba. This is probably all the yanagiba one would ever need, so I couldn’t resist it. This completes my Genkai/Fudo yanagiba set (but more on that later).

Shigefusa Mukimono

From my good friend Floris ( I received a Shigefusa Mukimono. I had a Toyama mukimono before, and they are fun knives for cutting small vegetables, fruits, garlic, peeling, etc. I really like this knife and have been using it a lot actually. It is also fun to practice katsuramuki with, but I still suck too much at it to show you, haha.

Yasushige Yanagiba

The last knife is a bit more simple and modest: a Yasushige yanagiba (for a beautiful example see here). These are affordable but surprisingly well made knives. Mine has an edge length of about 265 mm. In the meantime I have had quite some fun with this knife on the stones:

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