New arrivals: one knife and some stones

The end of 2018 was an exciting time for me, if we are talking Japanese knives and stones. Earlier in December 2018 I showed a couple of new arrivals, but December 2018 has proven to be an excellent month as a result of the following new arrivals.


In the knife department, I had a knife arrive that I eagerly awaited for a couple of months: a Fudo Kuniyuki fuguhiki, in a whopping 335mm length. The knife is brand new, as can be seen from the back of the knife, which has not been sharpened. However, the knife has been stored for quite some time, and developed a couple of (hopefully) superficial rust spots.

A little note on Fudo Kuniyuki: these knives are forged by Genkai Masakuni, and sharpened / polished by Kuniyuki, a familiy of sword polishers. I got introduced to these knives by two friends (Japanese Knives Collection and Lee), and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

The knife is simply incredible. It is thin, beautiful and well sharpened. I also love the saya that comes with it, which has a bamboo stalk and leaves carved into it. Finally, the knife came with a kiri box. I don’t know what it is, but these boxes makes things feel so authentic. If anyone knows a carpenter or woodworker willing to make a couple of these boxes, please let me know!L

Two fine beasts from Otto

Two new stones came from Otto (Toishigram). They took quite a while to get here due to the holiday madness at Dutch Post (yes they are quite incompetent), but they are so worth it. The first stone is an Aiiwatani Tokusen iromono kiita. Tokusen (特選) means something like ‘special selection’; and special it is. It is not the most fancy looking or biggest stone, but it is quite fine and the feedback is very smooth! I honestly think a stone like this is hard to beat for the price I paid ($240)!

The second stone is a bit more special: a big chunk of pure Nakayama goodness. Like the Aiiwatani, it is super smooth, but even finer in its finish. Thanks, Otto!

Synthetic stone

Another simple addition to my synthetic stones, that will also be used for an upcoming review, is the King 300. In short, I think this will be a good (and very affordable!) stone for grinding carbon steel blades.

Awesome stones from Carlos

Last, but not least, I should introduce two stones I got from Carlos (you could know him from his Instagram page or his review of the Watanabe Pro Nakiri and 1K stones).

The first stone is a beautiful soft Narutaki iromono. This stone is nice and soft, perfect for people who are not expert knife polishers like me.

I have saved the best for last: a beautiful big slab of Okudo shiro suita. This stone is hard, and therefore requires a bit more skill (which I obviously lack) to get the most out of. More on this stone later!

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