New arrival: Shigefusa KU ajikiri

I don’t fillet fish often, but I think a deba is a knife that cannot be missed in a collection of knives. Thats why I have bought a Genkai Masakuni deba before, which i actually use to butcher (because that is how bad my skills are) fish!

However, when filleting small fish, which is most of the fish I do due to living in a 2 person household, a full size deba looks a bit ridiculous and is totally unnecessary. In order to fix this ‘luxury problem’, I went on the hunt for a good small deba that would fit in with the other knives in my collection.

Maybe it is good to say a few words on small debas. In Japanese, small deba are called ko-deba, with ko meaning small. Such small knives are often used to fillet small fish, in particular Aji (horse mackerel; hence the name ajikiri).

After a while, a good friend (legendary Shigefusa collector and owner of the Shigefusa museum Zweber12) offered me to buy his Shigefusa Kurouchi Ajikiri! Of course I didn’t say no, and here it is (pictures courtesy of

I will share more of my experience once I have bought some small fishes!

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