Getting to grips with ramen

One of the foods I (and many others) love most is ramen. Coming for a country that does not have (or maybe had?)  a strong eating culture, I feel like I am quite late to the party. That being said, my trips to Japan have made me fall in love with ramen enough to attempt to make decent ramen at home. Below you will find some pictures of a few amazing (at least I found them to be) ramen bowls I had in Japan.

I have decided to split up making ramen in manageable chunks (e.g. learn to make individual components separately as much as possible). As far as sources go, I decided on the following books and websites after a little research:

  • the ramen section on Reddit (with special reference to the Ramen_Lord recipes);
  • Ivan Ramen (by Ivan Orkin)
  • Several videos or articles as they may be relevant 

Topping: the egg 

I thought I’d start with something manageable: eggs. How hard can it be, right? I have been cooking and eating eggs my whole life. Well…. that went pretty easy I should say.

As my eggs are fridge temperature, and I suspected they are of a different size than eggs described in recipes (they are pretty big), I went ahead and boiled three eggs for 6.5, 7 and 7.5 minutes. As you can see by the results below, the 7 minute egg was the best. The 6.5 minute egg still had some not fully cooked egg white, while the 7.5 minute egg suffered from the yolk being cooked too much. I reckon 6 minutes and 45 seconds will do it.

From left to right: 6.5, 7 and 7.5 minute eggs.

Next up will be the marinating of the eggs. Some recipes state that they should only marinate for a couple hours, while others say that a few days is perfectly fine. I’m curious to see and taste the difference!