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  • Sakai Suehiro honyaki yanagiba (360mm)

Never used or sharpened
Blacksmith: Unknown
Edge Length: 360mm
Price: USD 900, excluding shipping


Honyama Asagi: 206x74x36 (USD 400, excluding shipping)*

Description: It has a light karasu pattern that should become more visible as the layers are used. Medium hard. Light sticky sharpening feeling and great edge. Grey-ish and semi specular soft steel, mirror hard steel.

Wakasa suita: 211x73x26 (USD 300, excluding shipping)*

On the softer side. Smooth sharpening and an easy to achieve even kasumi.

Honyama asagi: 203x75x30 (USD 350, excluding shipping)*

Greenish and creamy. Dense and smooth feeling. Good hardness for any sharpening and great feedback. I feel the odd particle here and there, rinsing after a good lapping is a must. Nice specular contrast with self slurry, or an easy smooth matte haze with diamond plate slurry.

Honyama asagi: 204x76x51 (USD 650, excluding shipping)*

Greyish shades with a goma spread all over. On the softer end. Quite fast and easy to use. Slurry breaks down significantly. Goes from a high contrast finish to a brighter overall look, easy to keep it even at every stage. Great results with honing microbevel on yellowish slurry after bevel sharpening. Quite big and nicely sealed.

Mizukihara/Ohira suita: 230x77x22 (USD 400, excluding shipping)*

Lots of Karasu going on. No feeling of any su or particles. Smooth and creamy. Soft and very easy to use. Easier than some synthetics. Very even hazy finish. 

Honyama suita: 205x75x25 (USD 350, excluding shipping)

Cool looking pattern. Medium hard, quite fast. It’s a very versatile stone. Good results with pre-slurry or not, varying pressure and water. Not bad for just edge honing too. Ghetto base, it can be cut off, but the stone is not flat on the bottom.


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