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Rump of lamb with carrot puree and broccolini

For this dish, I got a rump of lamb, which I rubbed with mustard, olive oil and salt. I cooked the lamb at 54 degrees for 8 hours, followed by a sear. Next time, the sear will need to be a bit stronger, and the lamb needs to be a bit more trimmed to make the sear more even.

For the carrot puree, i started with a good tablespoon of butter in which I toasted the baharat spice mix for a minute. After that i put in the carrots (sliced in thin half moons), a splash of water and a bit of salt. I cooked the carrots covered for about 15 minutes and then blitzed in a blender until very fine. Season to taste with salt and keep in a pan to heat up later.

The broccolini (tiny broccoli?) is blanched in salted water and quickly cooled to keep the crispy taste and bright green color. I reheated them prior to plating in some water, butter and added a bit of salt.

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