As with most people who like Japanese knives, I like cooking (but probably eating even more). Not to say that I am a good cook (I would say I am rather average), but at least I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and making food. 

On this page I will write some things about my struggle to get to grips (to some extent) with Japanese cuisine, which is troubled by living in a country without a proper ‘eating tradition’ and a job that prevents me from having a lot of time to cook, or even eat at home often. If I have some spare time, I will also share some recipes/dishes that I like. Please see the following pages:

Anyway, a few words about Japanese cuisine. Am I totally obsessed by it? No, probably not (I don’t discriminate between foods, except for cumin!). But I do want to learn more about it, and become somewhat more familiar with the tastes, textures and combinations found in Japanese cuisine (aside from my limited experience from the 6 weeks I have spent in Japan).