A duo of kurouchi Kiyoshi Kato gyuto

There has been a lot of talk and controversy about kurouchi gyuto by Kiyoshi Kato recently. They were (and still are) being sold for over two thousand USD, and some people have questioned their cutting ability.

Being the lucky owner of two KU Katos, it seems to make sense to show how these knives cut, and speak a little bit about (the difference between) these knives.

Workhorse (top) and Standard (bottom)
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Knife review: Orca by Shiro Kamo

A link to this knife review has been posted on KKF and KMS.

Intro – Through a mutual friend I was introduced to a Swiss knife vendor, Marco Röllin, who runs  https://www.japanische-kochmesser.ch and has a shop in Switzerland. Marco wanted to bring a certain knife to my attention and was curious to hear my thoughts on this knife. According to Marco, this would be one of, if not THE, smoothest cutting knife I would have tried. Of course this spiked my interest, because it is a big claim! Also, the first Japanese knife I ever bought was made by Shiro Kamo.  So I agreed to take a look at the knife and write this review.

First a few words of dealing with Marco, as a lot of my readers (a lot may be an overstatement given the amount of views I get…) may not be familiar with him. I have found Marco to be extremely responsive through e-mail, very clear in his answers and explanations and very friendly. Also the knife was shipped quickly, very well packed and arrived super sharp! All in all I can only fully recommend Marco and his business!

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Keeping up with Mazaki

Power. Strength. Beauty and Precision .

What can one expect or have already experienced from the “new” Mazaki from JNS 240mm? This knife has changed my overall view on knives in general.

It started at first glance. From profile to weight. To predicted performance. And from the many others telling me how incredible it really is.

My name is Daniel, On IG I’m @dmasterflex. Currently a Sous Chef at three high caliber restaurants with 12 years experience. This review is based on a weeks worth of performance in our kitchens. Where excellence is demanded. Standards are high therefore creating a perfect playing ground for such a knife.

This is a follow up review on how it held up with heavy professional use.

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Knife review: New Mazaki 270mm gyuto

A link to this knife review has been posted on KKF and KMS.

The blade – A while ago a few European (first JNS, followed by Cleancut) makers introduced knives by Naoki Mazaki, a young blacksmith from Sanjo, Japan.  I recently bought the latest addition to the Mazaki offering from JNS, very effectively called the ‘New Mazaki’. This is my first 270mm knife, as when I started out with Japanese knives I really liked smaller and more nimble knives (also more logical being a home cook I guess).

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Knife review: Hinoura Ajikataya 210mm gyuto

A link to this knife review has been posted on KKF and KMS.

The blade – This month I got a 210mm Mutsumi Hinoura Ajikataya Gyuto, from Cleancut. This was the first time buying something from Cleancut for me. Eventhough they don’t have an English website, or advertise for international sales on social media, it was not too difficult to buy from them. After some back and forth on Instagram, they sent me a Paypal invoice and the deal was done. Later I saw that I was supposed to e-mail them, but this worked out pretty well.

Reason for getting this knife is that I still have very little kurouchi knives, and after the Tanaka I’m totally loving them again!

The price of this knife is around 270 USD (including VAT) and does not qualify for any free shipping. I paid 22 USD for shipping within Europe, which is not too bad but not great either. In any case, this knife is seriously cheap without VAT (for buyers outside the EU), at around 217 USD (excluding shipping).

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Review: Watanabe Nakiri Pro KU 180 mm

Before even talking about the knife I think it is worth mentioning that Shinichi was great to deal with and provided an awesome service. The knife is a gift from my wife and has a special engraving on the left side of the knife, besides the normal kanji on the right side.

Out of the box impressions and Fit & Finish:

Very sharp OOTB, ready to cut, pretty hefty knife. Finish on the blade was nice overall, spine was eased and sorta polished while choil seems to have been only chamfered a bit (see pic), however it doesn’t have a sharp edge and I didn’t find it uncomfortable in use (albeit only used for sessions 1h or less and then rounded it).

Chamfered choil

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Knife review: Tanaka 240mm gyuto

A link to this knife review has been posted on KKF (click here).

The blade – Last month I got a 240mm Yoshikazu Tanaka that is sold in Japan by Tsubaya. As it is not really that easy for non-Japanese speakers to buy from Tsubaya, I actually bought mine from Hitohira, which was a very pleasant experience. He answered all my questions and provided for some of the fastest shipping out of Japan I have ever experienced!

I have seen these knives pop up with just about everone on Instagram, so I had to check them out for myself!

The line of Tanaka knives currently sold by Hitohira consists of  whole range of knives: 120 and 150mm petty, 180mm santoku, 210, and 210, 240 and 270mm gyuto. The 210 and 240mm also come in a K-tip version.  Another reason for buying this knife was that I didn’t have any kurouchi gyuto in my collection (because I sold my cheap ones…) so I definitely had to get a new one.

The price of this knife is around 500 USD and qualifies for free international shipping, which always feels nice to me :).

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Kaeru 210mm gyuto

A link to this knife review has been posted on KKF (click here).

The blade – This month I got one of the new Kaeru blades that have been introduced by JNS. These knives have been pretty hyped up on KKF, and are relatively cheap, so I had to check them out. I have no idea why they are called Kaeru (蛙; apparently ‘frog’ in Japanese), if anyone has any clue I am more than happy to hear it!

The line of Kaeru knives currently consists of a 90mm paring knife, 150mm petty, 270mm sujihiki and a 210 and 240mm gyuto. Because I like smaller knives and only had one 210mm gyuto in my collection (I know, it’s sad really), I opted to go for the 210mm gyuto. The price of this knife is 125 USD (ex. VAT) and unfortunately does not qualify for free shipping (add a JNS 300 stone or Kaeru pairing knife and it will ship for free).

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