Blog update: cutting videos, wiki and cooking!

I didn’t have much time this week to prepare lengthy articles and (somewhat) nice photographs, so I thought I’d write a short update on what I did this week and what is to come in the next few weeks. By the way: if there is anyone who wants to contribute to this blog by writing stuff, reviewing knives or shooting videos, let me know!

The past week I cooked elaborately twice, for some colleagues and friends. This made me want to write a bit about the things I cook, even though I’m just an amateur cook that really hasn’t got much of a clue. Anyway, here you will find several pages on the food I make that I will update regularly.

During cooking I made some short videos when I was using certain knives to show friends. I decided to upload them to YouTube even though they are not edited and my knife skills are not that exciting. I still hope you enjoy them:

Yasushige yanagiba
Shigefusa Mukimono
Kato KU Gyuto
Kato KU Gyuto


In the next few weeks there will be some updates on new arrivals (quite a few single bevels), a review of the Kato sujihiki, some Wiki articles and hopefully some more delicious food!


Finally, I have started writing a Wiki. It is currently still extremely limited, but I hope to write some stuff that is useful for beginners in Japanese knives and stones. Again, writers and other contributors are welcome!

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