Hi! My name is Peter. I live in the Netherlands with my girlfriend and two beautiful red haired cats.

I started using and collecting Japanese knives on 8 November 2016, by purchasing my first Japanese knife: a 240mm Shiro Kamo gyuto in Aogami Super steel. To be honest, I was quite underwhelmed when I made my first cuts with this knife; it performed rather poorly. After trying to sharpen it myself on some cheap whetstones and letting a ‘professional’ try it, I decided to learn more about knives and sharpening.¬†I have made this website to share my collection and experiences.

Recently, this blog has gotten two additional writers, with a lot more experience than me. In due time, I will bug them to write a short piece about themselves, but until then the following will suffice:


Resident stone and polishing nerd. Scientist and all-round great guy. Has written some great reviews already (see for instance the 1k synthetic comparison review)!


Has a huge pile of natural stones and knives, and a pool in his backyard. Both make me very jealous. His knowledge of Japanese natural stones is legendary.

Please have a look around, and I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you may have!