Kaeru 210mm gyuto

A link to this knife review has been posted on KKF (click here).

The blade – This month I got one of the new Kaeru blades that have been introduced by JNS. These knives have been pretty hyped up on KKF, and are relatively cheap, so I had to check them out. I have no idea why they are called Kaeru (蛙; apparently ‘frog’ in Japanese), if anyone has any clue I am more than happy to hear it!

The line of Kaeru knives currently consists of a 90mm paring knife, 150mm petty, 270mm sujihiki and a 210 and 240mm gyuto. Because I like smaller knives and only had one 210mm gyuto in my collection (I know, it’s sad really), I opted to go for the 210mm gyuto. The price of this knife is 125 USD (ex. VAT) and unfortunately does not qualify for free shipping (add a JNS 300 stone or Kaeru pairing knife and it will ship for free).

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